Rental Rates

Our starting rates are as follows.

Daily Rate: $150.00

Weekly Rate: $600.00

Monthly Rate: $1800.00

Equipter Roofer Buggy Rentals

Looking to take your roofing crew to the next level? The RB4000 Equipter Roofers Buggy we have at SLC Rentals LLC is like a self-propelled dump truck bed that uses a gasoline-powered hydraulic system. The buggy has large tires with exceptional traction, a tight turning radius to reach difficult spots and the collection container can be raised to a height of 12 feet. The top/lid is two hinged doors that also act as side shoots. When open, the lids catch the roofing debris as the debris is pushed off the roof so it can slide into the container. The roofers buggy is towed behind a truck to and from the job site via a standard 2.5/16 inch hitch ball. The operator can stand on the buggy and drive it to where it’s needed on the job site.

RB4000 Roofers Buggy Specs

equipter in use
roofing buggy
empty equipter

Towing Info

Tow Ball Size: 2.5/16 inches. • Pin Connector: 7 pin round connecter. • Please see the weight specs above to determine if your trailer hitch class is able to haul the buggy safely.

How To Rent a Buggy

Just click here and fill out the online form and we will get back to you. Or call at 717-895-9981. All rentals go through the main office.

Insurance Info

Proof of liability insurance is required. If you are a contractor and the buggy would get damaged on the job site your contractors insurance should cover any damages. If you are a homeowner, your homeowners insurance should cover and damages to the buggy. Please double check with your insurance company to make sure you have proper coverage.


The buggy can be delivered to your location or job site or you can pick it up at one of our locations. The delivery cost will depend on how close/far you are from the rental location. The buggy must be empty when it’s returned to us or when we pick it up.